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Apply for a commercial license

You downloaded our free acapella and made a hit with it?
You’d like to release on a record label or sell in Bandcamp / iTunes / Beatport / other stores?
Someone would like to use your song in a TV-commercial or play it on the radio?
Fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

When we agree with the licensing terms, you will receive the whole package;
dry, separate vocal layers (where applicable) in WAV and a written license to use them.

Not sure if you need a commercial license or not? In short: If you release the song in any platform that generates money to you (includes also Spotify-streams), you will need a commercial license. Free downloads in Soudcloud or plays in Youtube don’t require a license.
But if you’re still unsure there’s also no harm in filling out the form below just in case,
we’ll get back to you with further info.

If you experience any difficulties sending the form, you can also submit the info via email to

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