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What others are saying
[us_testimonial author=”Synx” company=”Mastering work”]

Stefan is one of the best and very underrated mastering engineer I’ve ever come across. His work is very well done and clean; giving your tracks a more three-dimensional feel to it, and most of all, on time. I highly recommend his services to anyone willing to have a better sound.

[us_testimonial author=”KoPi” company=”Mastering work”]

Working with Illusia Productions has been a pleasure. I finished my track and I was pretty pleased with it in terms of the musical aspects, also including the mix. However after being recommended by a friend to go to Illusia Productions for mastering, I realised that my mastering was lackluster and my mixing sloppy. Their fantastic, professional service allows you to get the master/mixdown you want to the highest of standards! Above all else Stefan is a super nice guy! From one producer to another, give Stefan a shout; his work is truly amazing

[us_testimonial author=”Cesar Decanti” company=”Mastering work”]

The figure of the mastering engineer, is responsible of the final edit of your tracks. You can’t trust that important job to anyone randomly. Your mastering engineer must have the knowledge, arrangement and production skills to really get the most of your track. That’s why I trust in Illusia Productions to do the job. They will raise your track into the next level.