Illusia Productions is an audio production company and a private recording studio located near Tampere, Finland
– managed by a German-Finnish couple who share passion for music, sound and voice. The main team is accompanied by production assistants and a huge network of audio professionals.

Our operations are divided into media productions, such as voice-overs, session vocals and radiospot productions, and services for artists and bands, such as mixing and mastering.

Doing what we love and utilizing the skills we have honed for over two decades, we are quick to react and eager to create ♥

Meet The Main Team


Head of Media Productions

Wears the hats of a singer, writer, casting agent, director, audio editor, project manager and of course – voice-over artist extraordinaire.
Small but feisty, this jack of all trades will rock the vocal booth, or cast the perfect voice for your project in no time.

“On top of her professionalism she carries a beautiful and talented voice. You can count on her for the best kind of treatment and high quality vocal work!”
Colton Camby / High Intensity Records

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Head of Artist Productions

Known for his creativity, technical knowhow, ear for detail and silly German humor. He will wow you by solving the problems you didn’t know you had. Your beloved creation gets a pinch of salt and pepper – and if you keep your eyes, ears and mind open, you can learn a thing or two on the way.

“He is an Amazing Producer, very talented, a wizard-like 120% Pro on many areas in life and ofc music and Productions.”
Matti Halonen / Mournful Lines

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